Jen’s Take on Cooking


I’m no Rachel Ray. I don’t make fabulous, gourmet quality, ready to serve at parties type meals in thirty minutes.

I am just a tired Administrative Assistant who tries to find a few minutes every night to make dinner for my husband and myself after we fall onto the couch and watch CSI reruns and before new episodes of House come on.

I’m serious about being tired. By the end of the day, I’ve been up since 6, worked from 8-4:30, driven home in traffic, taken a mile or so walk with my dog, and then find myself in the kitchen. I admire people with kids who look sane. I don’t know how they do it.

When we first got married, we both were used to eating sandwiches and Ramen noodles. For a year or so we survived on that with Hamburger Helper thrown in a couple times a week. Now we both have our own diet restrictions. He’s got juvenile diabetes. I’ve got persistent migraines and also need to drop a couple of pounds. Hamburger Helper doesn’t cut it anymore.

I believe you should be able to cook your favorite foods in under an hour and still have great tasting, healthy food.

I believe that cooking for a crowd shouldn’t take more time than cooking for my family.

I believe that you should be able to have fruits, vegetables, meats, grains, and snacks AND still live on a budget.

I believe everyone should invest in a cute lunchbox and plasticware. Take leftovers to work for lunch and save yourself the money and the calories.

I believe that food affects our overall being. Comfort food really makes you feel better when your sick, sad, depressed. Light, healthy food brings in the Summer. Thick Chili warms you in the Winter. Why “diet”? Why fill up every night on Turkey and Cheese sandwiches if you don’t even like them? Why spend money on cheap burgers? (Don’t get me wrong…I love McDonalds…my first was fries…but not every night. And I can make 4 juicy burgers and a big batch of fries and side salads for about the same price as 2 meals from a fast food place)

I believe you should eat the foods you love and love the food you eat. And, boy, do I love food.

Soooo…I’ll be posting some of my quick and easy (and often very cheap) recipes. Many are variations I’ve come up with from traditional long cooking meals; others are my mom’s, mom-in-law’s, or friend’s. I will try to let you know when the recipe isn’t mine.

Feel free to add your own versions of the recipes. Share your comments, variations, soup choices, whatever. Did you try the recipe? Love it? Hate it? Know a faster, cheaper way to make one of the meals I post? Share with me.


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