Hamburger with Gravy


Hamburger with Gravy
1 – 1.5 lbs of ground hamburger (or ground chuck)
1 can Cream of Mushroom soup
Worcester’s Sauce
Garlic salt (or Garlic powder), to taste
salt and pepper, to taste

Fry hamburger, like if you were frying for spaghetti or taco meat. After meat is fully cooked and drained, add soup. If soup is too thick, add a splash of milk to thin. Season with Garlic, salt, and pepper. Add Worcester’s sauce, about 1 turn around the pan. Stir everything together and heat until warmed through.

Serve over rice, mashed potatoes, or toasted bread.  Turn it into Beef Stroganoff by serving over wide Egg Noodles.


  • I got this idea from my favorite homemade burgers. You don’t have to crumble the hamburger meat. Crumbling the meat is just faster. This recipe is just as great if you add the salt, garlic, and Worcester to the meat and then form into patties. Serve with gravy on thick, toasted buns.
  • Going for burgers instead of the meat with gravy? Add some steak fries on the side.
  • Brown Gravy is a yummy substitution. Try frying some onions with garlic and butter, then adding the meat and then the brown gravy. Heaven!
  • Mushroom Gravy could also be used instead of cream of mushroom soup.
  • Many soups have MSG. Look for a soup that doesn’t include this ingredient, like Healthy Choice soups. Just remember to add salt and pepper for your tastes.

This meal really takes about 10 minutes, especially if you are using box mashed potatoes or toasted bread. Serve with broccoli, carrots, or a salad to add some crunch and color.

Without significant sides, this only serves 2-3 people. With sides, you can comfortably feed 4 or more.

Got your own quick hamburger dinners? Share your comments and recipes below.


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