Summertime in the Suburbs


Let’s face it. I’m from the South…the real South, where Summertime means Sweet Tea, Fried Chicken, Porch Swings, and Mosquitoes as big as your hand.

Summer is HOT, HUMID, and exhausting… take a day to spend out on a lake and GRILL OUT!

So I’ve decided to start a series on Summer Foods! I’ve already done a blog on the easiest fruit salad in the world. Now that I’m gearing up for picnics in the park, BBQing by the lake, and grilling on Memorial Day, what better way to remember all my recipes than to share them with you.

So, be prepared to see the following recipes:

Super Easy Pasta Salad
Easy Potato Salad
Southern Baked Beans
Jen’s Awesome Sweet Tea

There will be others. By the time I finish this series, you will have all of the recipes in hand to throw the biggest, most delicious (semi) homemade Grill Out for your friends and family.

And always remember…if I can make it, you can make. Quick and easy is the name of the game when I’m gearing up for dinner.


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