Salsa Month!


May is National Salsa Month!  I will celebrate with the easiest salsa recipe ever!

(Bonus: Salsa is usually low in fat and calories, and half a cup can sometimes count as a veggie serving!)

Amy’s Super Easy Salsa
1 Can Chunk Ro-Tel
1 lime, halved
Cilantro to taste, thinly chopped

Drain Ro-Tel well, squeeze lime juice over Ro-tel and top with cilantro.  Stir. Chill or heat to liking. Enjoy.

Jen’s Super Easy Salsa
1 can Mexican Festival Ro-Tel (sometimes labeld Mexican: Lime and Cilantro)

Drain well and enjoy!

Honestly, I’m not a big Cilantro fan, so I like to open one can of Chunky Rotel and one can of Mexican Festival Rotel and mix them.  It’s enough for a group of friends to enjoy and not so cilantro laden.  Also, if you don’t like chunky salsa, just stick this in a food processor!

Ro-Tel is wonderful because it tastes fresh and 1/2 a cup averages about 30 calories,0 fat, less than 5 carbs, less than 600 mg of salt.

Got a salsa recipe?  Share it!


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