Since I posted Salsa and Guacamole recipes, I thought it’d be fitting to post chip recipes.

Healthier chips CAN be quick and easy.  You CAN have yummy healthy, salty snacks.  Does anyone else smile just thinking about that?

Anyway, on with the main attraction.

Jen’s Baked Tortilla Chips
Tortillas, any flavor that you like
Canola oil or regular Pam
Seasonings, to taste

Fire up broiler.  While it’s heating up, cut tortillas into 4ths or 8ths, depending on size.  Lay tortilla triangles on cookie sheet.  Spray with Pam (or oil from mister); if this is not an option, brush a tiny bit of oil on each triangle.  Sprinkle with seasonings.  Flip and repeat.  Put in the oven for a few minutes (1 – 5, depending on oven) until edges are a little brown.  Flip and repeat.  Let cool and then enjoy.

I know a woman who makes a similar recipe.  Her tips:
1. Stack the tortillas and cut them in a stack
2. Place a cooling rack on your backing sheet and lay the tortilla triangles on top of that.  Preheat oven to 350 or so and bake until chips are slightly brown (usually 5 – 10 minutes).  No flipping required.

I like to use flour or corn tortillas with garlic salt or Cajun seasonings.  This basic recipe works to make Pita Chips from pita bread, as well.  (If baking, up temp to 400 degrees).


In case you are interested in other recipes, I did a quick search for chip ideas.  I have not tried to recipe below, but probably will soon.  Happy Snacking!

Baked Kale Chips: 3 ingredients, 5-10 minutes total time, and Kale is a powerhouse food.  Substitute Parmesan cheese for seasoned salt for a fun twist!  Also, from my own experience with leafy veggies, lowering the temp to 250 and baking longer, say 15 – 20 minutes, will help prevent burning and crumbling.

Microwave Potato Chips: I am so trying this!  Potatoes area great food, just leave the peel on for extra nutrients.You may need a mandolin, cheese slicer, or something like that to get thin slices.  Also, a microwave bacon griddle might speed up the process. I wonder if this can be done with Sweet Potatoes….

Baked Potato Chips: Okay…I lied earlier.  I’ve made these. I just use whatever potatoes, oil, and seasonings I have on hand.  This basic recipe even works on sweet potatoes.  Also can be adapted to make fries.  One extra tip I have is to boil the potatoes until just soft.  This makes them easier to cut if you aren’t using a slicer of some sort and lessens baking time. 

Veggie chips: Includes kale…but also shows that carrots and parsnips can be made chip-like, too.  This idea work for zucchini, radishes, and other veggies. Also, don’t forget that fresh, crunchy veggies like bell pepper, carrots, and celery can also taste great in dips!


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