I Heart Personal Blenders

It’s no secret that I have a heart pounding, palms sweating, thinking about you all day crush on my Personal Blender.  Ask me about my smoothies or anything blended or whipped, and all I can talk about is my PB.  Sometimes, it’s my third love, behind the DH and the most wonderful dog in the world.

I own the Elite by Maxi-Matic (Thanks, Mom!).  My mom, sister, and both brothers also own this magical little machine.  But not to be a snob, I want to point out that I know people who own the Magic Bullet and even the Cooks 5-in-1 Power Blender, and those are great little machines, too.  In fact, for the most part they all do the same kind of things.

Okay, so WHY??  Why do I love you so much, PB?

Well, your cups are super cute…like glasses from a 1950s diner.  But, honestly, the cute little base makes these a bit harder for travel.  It could be the awesome flip tops, which allow for straws but also for pouring syrups and sauces, but they aren’t quite as fridge friendly as the storage lids for a couple of other brands.  Plus, I have no shaker lid for cheese or toppings, but I’m not complaining.  I’m just pointing out that the other brands have different parts.

I love you because you grind coffee and nuts, crush ice, whip cream, mix powdered drinks, and make individualized drinks easy.  All that, and you’re only slightly wider than a coffee cup and a teeny bit taller than a 16 oz glass. Plus, you’re dishwasher safe.   Oh, and I drink out of the same cup I blend in, so one less thing to clean up.

I have seriously used my PB for

  • Smoothies and milkshakes
  • Mixing chocolate powder with milk (because for the life of me I can never get it done all the way with a spoon)
  • Mixing salsa with ranch salad dressing for my own spicy ranch
  • Making Hummus
  • Chopping nuts
  • and much more.

I use it almost every day.  Instead of pulling out the smoothie maker or regular blender, I can make single and double servings much more quickly with this little guy.  And it’s small enough to sit on my counter all the time.

Do you have a Personal Blender?  What brand?  How is it different from the Elite?  Do you have a favorite PB recipe?  Talk to me.


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