Breakfast Milkshakes

Carnation Instant Breakfast with skim or 1% milk is a pretty good way to start the day…and with flavors like Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Strawberry, Chocolate Malt and French Vanilla, there’s a flavor out there for you.


  • 21 vitamins and minerals
  • as much protein as an egg
  • twice the calcium of yogurt
  • Only 220 calories with skim milk
  • With milk, has 50% of your daily Vitamin C

If you’re in a hurry, this stuff is as easy to whip up as a glass of chocolate milk! But, if you’re like me, then you want variety in your life.  Below are a couple of Breakfast Milkshake ideas that I love.  You’ll also find a link to the Carnation Instant Breakfast recipe search for other recipes, like Sunrise Surprise (kind of like a creamsicle milkshake)

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Breakfast Shake

  • 1 packet Chocolate Carnation Instant Breakfast
  • 1cup strawberries, fresh or frozen
  • 1, 6oz container, strawberry yogurt (or vanilla yogurt) – optional
  • 1/2 – 1 cup milk

Blend all ingredients in blender.  For more “oopmh” add a splash of White Chocolate Coffee creamer.  For a real frozen treat, add a 1/2 cup or so of ice.  Use unsweetened strawberries, low or non-fat yogurt, and low or non-fat milk to cut calories and fat.

Strawberry Banana Breakfast Shake

  • 1 packet French Vanilla Carnation Instant Breakfast
  • 1/2 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1 frozen small banana (or 1/2 large banana)
  • 1 cup milk

Using frozen fruit means this shake comes out thick and creamy, like you mixed in vanilla ice cream!  Plus you get all the benefits of Regular Carnation Instant Breakfast with 1 – 2 servings of fruit!

This one is also easy to change up!  Replace the French Vanilla with any other packet flavor or replace the strawberries with cherries for a unique way to start your day!  One of my one the go favorites is to replace the strawberries with a couple tablespoons of peanut butter.

BIG TIP: When using powders in personal blenders, add your liquid first and then the powder.  Otherwise, the powder settles in the part of the cup away from the blades and you’ll have to mix it by hand .

For more recipes, visit the Carnation Instant Breakfast recipe search!


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