Chili Recipe Rewind


I love fall: Pumpkin cheesecake, Pumpkin lattes, Pumpkin scented candles, Pumpkins in the front yard. I bet you’re seeing a pattern.

I also love football Saturdays, sweater weather, and chili. In honor of the season, I’m linking back to all the [Super] Easy Chili Recipe. Oh, and one day soon, Pumpkin recipes may magically appear on the site.

3-Bean Chili – Only 7 ingredients and about $7; Crockpot, vegetarian, low fat recipe

3 Ingredient Turkey Chili – Seriously, only 3 ingredients.

3 Ingredient Football Season Chili – Really, only 3 ingredients.

My Mom’s Easy Chili – the chili that started it all.

Easy Chili Bake – One awesome pot of chili and cornbread.

Speaking of cornbread – try this easy, cheesy version: Cheese on a Stick Swap



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  1. These sounds great! I also LOVE this recipe for a pumpkin slow cooker chili. It sounds a little weird but you never taste the pumpkin, it just makes the texture. YUM!

  2. JenE says:

    I love how you found a way to combine pumpkin and chili! I can’t wait to try it 🙂

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