JenE’s Party Tips


Whatever drinks you buy, buy the 2-ltr to gallon size and pour into a pitcher and let chill. Even cheaper plastic pitchers are better for most get togethers than setting out the original bottles. Presentation is half the battle!

Think how cute lemonade and tea in pitchers will be on your picnic table!

Plus, a gallon of water in a cold pitcher served with plastic recyclable cups is way cheaper than buying bottled water for everyone.

Keeping it Cold or Looking Cool on the Cheap

Sure, ice keeps drinks super cold for those long, hot summer days…but it’s not the only thing. Read on below for some ideas for keeping your summer drinks chilled and keeping your guests guessing.

  • Use frozen fruit. Fruit is a beautiful (and tasty) garnish. Add a few frozen raspberries, strawberries, or blueberries to any drink. For example, if you were had some regular lemonade on hand, you could add chilled lemons rings and frozen strawberries. You’ve just taken your everyday lemonade to Get Together level
  • Make ice out of whatever you are drinking. I love ice but I don’t love having a watered down drink. Just pour a little of your tea, kool-aid, lemonade, etc into an ice tray. For fun, add pieces of fruit or mint sprigs to the center of each ice cube.
  • Make ice out of something else you like to drink. I my Summertime Drink blog I mentioned Tea and lemonade half and half drink and Sweet Tea with infusions of juices. Try this with different flavored ices instead (i.e. lemonade, white peach juice, raspberry). As the ice melts, your drink takes on a whole new attitude.
  • Freeze your whole drink. You know you’ve seen this at weddings. If you are using a punch bowl, feel free to make an ice ring out of your drink. It’s easy, it’s cold, and it won’t get watered down as it melts.

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